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Welcome To Motor OZ Driving School:

welcome to motor oz

Learn to drive, and get your driving license, with MOTOR-OZ driving school, best and most affordable in Melbourne. Our instructors have years of experience. We also guarantee value for money. Lessons $42 for 45minutes.(This is for the manual car only)

For manual car call:  0419504399 

For automatic car call: 0419504399

Client Testimonials:

My first lesson was amazing - I could not believe how much I learnt and how easy driving could really be. Joe made me feel relaxed and confident and was so patient with me.

 Sara Rosi
North Melbourne

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Valid: 08/02/2016

    • cragc

    Really pleased that I passed today, no worries at all! "Jose was a really personable character that made me feel at...

    • cusau

    I have chosen Motor Oz Driving School because I live in the city, and they were happy to pick me up from my place and...

    • selims

    Motor Oz Driving School was the right choice for me, they are cheap and good. My instructor is: placid, patient,...

    • enriqueo

    I passed my driving test with Motor Oz Driving School, they are good and cheap, their instructors are very experienced,...

    • nguyenh

    I’m very happy that I have chosen Motor Oz Driving School, —I was a total beginner, so I was a little apprehensive— but...

    • gretar

    I've had a really good experience with Motor Oz-this was the first time ive ever had driving lessons and ive learnt so...

    • d-d-d-d-d-d-n-d

    My instructor, Jose, is totally calm, patient and encouraging person. I was always a nervous driver but he managed...

    • isabelo1

    I am very happy that I have chosen Motor Oz Driving School. I thought that learning with a manual car would be harder,...

    • nathand10

    I'm thrilled to have my driving lessons with Motor Oz Driving School because at the end of the day I feel extremely...

    • nivinlbennetk

    I used Motor Oz Driving School for driving lessons for my learners. He is very helpful and clear in his instructions. I...

    • bennetk

    I like learning with Joe because: - very experienced - a calming presence when it's stressful - a thorough...

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